To be more personal, sign off on Facebook posts. When posting content or an update to the company’s Facebook page, include a sign off from an employee. This adds a personal touch to the post. When customers read or see this post on Facebook, they are more likely to be interested and believe that it’s not just a robot that they are interacting with. This is an easy strategy to implement because the employee who regulates the posts on social media can sign the post with their name.

Tip #1: Sign Off

Change the style of your content every time you post on Facebook. For example, on different days, the company can post a video, article, picture, or survey. In addition, one post can be written in the form of a question while another post can be a link to the company website. These are different modes of displaying information, and overall, it attracts a bigger audience due to the content variety. This simple strategy can be carried out through a schedule that dictates what style of content is posted on which day.

Tip #2: Change The Style

Share and post link posts and updates on the company Facebook page. High-quality links to external information that’s not displayed on Facebook is effective if the website’s content has quality. Posting link updates have resulted in more clicks on a Facebook page and will also increase the traffic to the website the link leads to. Links can be easily incorporated into posts in many different ways, but there are certain ways that lead to the best results.

Tip #3: Link Posts

Post a preview image that contains a link to the company website. Posting a link through the graphic has been proven to be more beneficial than just posting a link in the pictures’ caption. It is best to post a picture that is related to the company, the goal, a new product or service, or the content being displayed in the link, and the picture needs to be engaging to the audience. The best way to see which graphic is more efficient is to do trial and error on the company’s Facebook page.

Tip #4: Image With Link

Boost a new product, service, or event announcement on the company’s Facebook page. Boosting a new release is most effective for a smaller business rather than a large one because many say that Facebook shouldn’t prioritize advertising, yet it helps businesses expand their reach. This Facebook marketing strategy isn’t costly, and it spreads the word of a new product or event quickly to all of the company’s followers.

Tip #5: Boost New Information

Use Facebook Website Custom Audiences for Facebook Ads. When advertising to audiences, each audience or group has certain interests, wants, or needs, and customizing audiences is the best way to target each audience’s interests by categorizing them. The Website Custom Audiences strategy helps target the individuals who visit a company’s website and then become active on Facebook.

Tip #6: Custom Audiences for Ads

Use Facebook Audience Insight to profile your customers and audience. By using Audience insight, market to your audience more efficiently by understanding them better. This Facebook feature allows a company to analyze what engages and interests a certain individual or customer. This helps the company target their advertisements to certain individuals to optimize their content strategy.

Tip #7: Audience Insights

Focus your posts on your niche, and keep your posts topical. When individuals start following a company page or frequently visit a page, it indicates that the individual is interested in the content shared on the Facebook page. For this reason, businesses need to always post content that is relevant to their business or niche. Each post should be revised to make sure the post is related to the business’ goals, niche, products, or services.

Tip #8: Focus Posts

Make an online, interactive contest through Facebook. Making a contest on your business’ Facebook page increases the number of clicks to your page if the contest is engaging and something that many are interested in participating in. The best way to set up a contest that stirs up excitement on a company’s social media page is to use a third-party app that regulates and organizes the contest in a professional manner.

Tip #9: Contest

Create a brand for your network. Companies need to tap into their audiences and customers to get feedback pertaining to their recent services and products. Brands allow a company to analyze the trends of what type of marketing is working with their audience, how to market a product in a better way, or receiving ideas or suggestions for new products/services.

Tip #10: Create a Brand

Written by Divya Ramamurthy.